Company Background

Shabatsu Intelligence is a well experienced company in the industry. 
All staff members are well versed in their respective field of expertise, has sufficient in house support and technical staff to tackle projects of any size and scope within our area of competence.
About - Shabatsu Intelligence
We maintain a small number of strategic alliances with organisations that provide specific expertise complimentary to our own. We distinguish ourselves and maintain our competitiveness through high quality of service that the company provides to its clients.
Shabatsu is committed to providing innovative, optimal, efficient and cost effective engineering services to meet the exact needs of its clients whilst maintaining high ethical and professional standards. This is achieved through proficient human resources applying state-of-the-art technology to produce economically viable engineering solutions.
Where specific experience is not within our staff complement, we are able to call on board contract personnel from our strategic alliance partners while maintaining overall responsibility for the project. This ensures that the service rendered to our clients is of the highest possible standard at all times. 

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